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Integration and delivery

OpenSyncTM is a common, open source, middle layer of software and firmware that works uniformly across dozens of different CPE models. Plume provides SDKs, integration, and support services to get your new CPEs up and running — as well as updating the CPEs already in service. OpenSync’s cloud-based architecture is built on modern RESTful APIs used throughout the full product lifecycle. Plume provides project management, coordination with the silicon and OEM ecosystem, and support to test and validate OpenSyncTM against the cloud.

Plume technology

Cloud hosting, devops and maintenance

We host the Plume Cloud on Amazon Web Services (AWS), enabling you to create, deploy, and maintain modern services and applications in a fraction of the time relative to self-hosted options. We’ll manage the entire deployment stages of DevOps, including beta testing and production, and continue to maintain and support thereafter with strict SLAs. We provide forecast-tolerant hosting, so there’s no need to worry about growing too fast. Yes, we can scale.


Customer support and NOC

We routinely provide 24/7 Tier-2 and 3 customer support. We customize Plume’s powerful network operations center (NOC) tools and dashboards for your network operations and technical support personnel to provide your first line of support. Along with Plume Central, our support and NOC capabilities can make customer support a core part of your overall product offering for a superior customer experience.

Field/Market Trial Coordination

Field trial and market trial coordination

We know you have a lot of key considerations before a network-wide rollout, including measuring performance in the field, observing the operational impact of new technology on service calls and service dispatch, correlating operational metrics to actual performance, measuring satisfaction, experimenting with pricing, and collecting data for business model analyses. We’ve taken some of the largest operators to market using this process. Let Plume help you get your toes wet before plunging in.

Satisfaction Surveys

Satisfaction surveys

One of the most expensive costs to any subscription-based business is arguably subscriber churn. Satisfaction, as we know, is the key driver of churn. Carefully measuring satisfaction and Net Promoter Scores (NPS) is a core capability of Plume. Our direct consumer engagement with the Plume App and Adaptive WiFi membership service provides us valuable insights we can share — and a tuned process we can drive.

Client Compatibility

Client compatibility characterization

The Plume cloud sees, and learns from, a massive set of wireless client devices and access points. Each client type and model is unique in its behavior and response to network-level instructions. Effectively dealing with adaptive features such as client steering, band steering, seamless roaming, and interference mitigation require detailed knowledge gathered from a large data set. We apply this knowledge to characterize clients against access points — and access points against clients — to identify potential compatibility or connectivity issues in advance of broad deployment.

Turnkey Services

We practice what we preach. The Plume membership service we offer directly to subscribers is the same we customize for you. Let us do it all: Adaptive WiFi features, cloud hosting, Plume App, Pods and SuperPods, billing, support, inventory management, IT, delivery, returns, warranty, satisfaction monitoring — the whole thing, fast. All you need to worry about are marketing and colors.

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