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Wireless wonders never cease. Thanks to Plume, they never quit, either.

Plume Adaptive WiFi

Plume Adaptive WiFi is the world’s first and only self-optimizing whole home WiFi offering. It actively optimizes the home network across dozens of variables, and across large clusters of apartments in Multi Dwelling Unit (MDU) environments. Operators are able to offer Adaptive WiFi as a managed service for residential customers through the Plume Cognitive Service Curation platform. A self-install solution with unprecedented coverage, speeds, connectivity, Quality of Experience (QoE), and control has rendered Plume Adaptive WiFi the top choice of operators.

The Plume App is loved and highly rated by consumers. Super-seamless onboarding, detailed device and network visibility, performance metrics, novel guest access via HomePass®, parental controls and user profiles render the Plume App a true control center. The app is available both in iOS and Android platforms. Bring your logo and preferred language — it’s fully customizable.

Plume App

Plume AI Security

Plume’s massive data-driven approach to network management and optimization has a very powerful application in consumer network security. Tracking, learning, and analyzing device behavior across multiple operator networks from tens of millions of devices forms a solid foundation for device fingerprinting and an anomaly detection-based security service. We leverage machine learning and artificial intelligence to provide the tightest device security. Once OpenSyncTM is adopted, this application is provisioned directly from the cloud without additional, time consuming CPE-level integration and regressions.

Plume Central

Plume Central is a powerful troubleshooting and prediction tool for the operator back office that can resolve most WiFi issues in a few simple steps. This integrated support service offers rapid access to all relevant information about a user’s subscription and network within moments after, or even before, a call is received. Dashboards highlight issues and help initiate both reactive and preemptive actions.

Plume IoT

Plume IoT

The internet of things (IoT) offers a golden opportunity for providing millions of customers new services and applications. But connecting, onboarding, and configuring IoT devices confuses and frustrates most consumers, and remains a key impediment for broad and fast adoption of smart gadgets and services. The Plume IoT offering makes it a breeze to connect and enjoy home security systems, home automation, connected kitchens, and more. 

Plume Pods and SuperPods are elegant, ultra-compact and beautiful WiFi access points. We have licensed dual- and tri-band designs to our multiple ODM/OEM partners. Operators are able to buy directly from our partners, offering choice and diversification of supply, minimizing hardware costs, and simplifying support and warranty. The designs can be customized — bring your logo and colors.

Plume Pod
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