The Plume Platform

Faster to market. Faster to service. Faster to connect.

Cognitive Service Curation

  • DECOUPLES services from the CPE
  • CREATES a common, open sourced middle layer
  • MODULARIZES services and applications
  • PROVISIONS in the cloud, fast
  • SCALES to millions
  • HARMONIZES data across all services
  • UPDATES, maintains, fixes, and refreshes continuously
  • OPENS the device middle layer and the cloud to third parties
  • LEARNS behavior patterns to preempt action
  • ANALYZES what happened and why it happened
  • PREDICTS what will happen

Stronger connections. Safer networks. Smarter premises.

They all require constant adaptations, adjustments, upgrades, and additions to the hardware, software, and firmware comprising the residential network.

They all have a home on the Plume Cognitive Service Curation platform.

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