Partnering with a dynamic range of service providers and IoT device makers across the globe

We have an expansive portfolio of models to suit every business approach.

Our turnkey solution for internet service providers where time-to-market is key

Plume does the heavy lifting to ensure that you’re growing revenue as quickly as possible:

  • Rapid deployment of an off-the-shelf solution
  • Engagement to launch in less than two months
  • Marketing know-how and assets to support and grow your service

Our white-labeled solution for internet service providers needing a single brand experience

Maintain your brand presence across every customer touchpoint:

  • Fully customized app
  • Complete packaging solution
  • Our iconic pods remastered by you
  • OpenSync integration into your gateway or router

Our tailored solution for internet service providers or device makers that want to leverage their own assets

A complete software solution to leverage our know-how to deliver your service:

  • API’s that integrate with your existing customer application
  • Complete OpenSync software solution that integrates with existing hardware or a new industrial design
  • All the benefit and power of the Plume Cloud to proactively monitor your customer network, and launch and curate services

Our optimization program for IoT device makers

We make connected devices even smarter by reducing costly product returns and transforming the user experience:

  • Single-touch onboarding:
    Dramatically reduces set-up times
  • Adaptive technology:
    Self-optimization ensures the best quality of experience
  • Proactive security:
    Artificial Intelligence automatically shuts-out unwanted threats

Connect with Plume to discuss your delivery requirements

Plume IQ is our monthly reveal of data-driven intelligence and customer-focused insights from the more than 100 million connected devices managed in the Plume Cloud.

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