Melita partners with Plume® to launch Stellar WiFi in Malta

  • Plume service bundle includes Adaptive WiFiTM, HomePass® guest access and advanced parental controls, delivers unprecedented in-home control and personalization.
  • Stellar WiFi powered by Plume plus Melita’s GigaPower 1000 Mbps is available as a bundle for €49.99.

VALLETTA, MALTADecember 20, 2018 — Today Melita, the leading quad-play operator in Malta, announced the launch of Stellar WiFi, powered by Plume. Plume’s service bundle provides highly personalized in-home experiences, learning the needs of the home to make WiFi faster, safer and more reliable. Stellar WiFi includes Plume SuperPods, which fit into electrical wall outlets to spread the internet from your modem to all areas of the home, at optimal performance.

All Melita internet customers are eligible to subscribe to Plume, and those subscribed to Melita GigaPower 1000 Mbps at only €49.99 a month get a Plume membership and two SuperPods as part of their subscription. This includes Adaptive WiFi, HomePass, advanced parental controls, and the Plume app for managing your home WiFi – all launching in time for Christmas. For more information visit

Melita’s high-speed internet connection is enhanced even further with Stellar WiFi, which includes a Plume membership and two SuperPods. Additional SuperPods can be added to extend coverage. The technology analyzes and adapts to every member’s unique environment. Plume’s Adaptive WiFi fills the entire home with the strongest possible signal and ensures that users receive the most reliable and consistent home WiFi experience on any device. HomePass guest access allows members to personalize who gets onto their WiFi networks, for how long, and what they can do. Advanced parental controls offer further personalization, enabling parents to precisely control when and what services their children have access to – the ability to freeze Internet, block access to adult sites, or set access schedules makes for ultimate peace of mind.

“Over the past two years, Melita has dedicated itself to deliver the best possible customer satisfaction. As part of this strategy, we have also built the most powerful network in Europe. This includes the launch of gigabit home internet – GigaPower – which is now available to more than 75% of homes in Malta and will be available nationwide in the first quarter of next year,” said Harald Roesch, CEO of Melita. “As of today, we are able to offer the exceptional home internet experience to our customers that comes with GigaPower 1000 Mbps and Stellar WiFi – all for only €49.99 per month. This is possible thanks to our partnership with Plume.”

“We’re delighted to partner with Melita to launch Plume in Malta,” said Fahri Diner, co-founder and CEO of Plume. “With the number of in-home smart devices growing exponentially, subscribers not only want to receive the best user experience on every device, they also want to benefit from personalized services including guest access, advanced parental controls and security.”


About Plume®

Plume is the pioneer of Adaptive WiFi™, the world’s first self-optimizing Wi-Fi delivering reliable and consistent Internet experience to every corner of the home, and the original designer and inventor of Wi-Fi Pods and SuperPods. Plume is driven by the Plume Cloud, a powerful cloud-based control plane, enabling the most advanced, resilient home Wi-Fi solution due to its ability to dynamically adapt and respond to changing network loads and interference. An open source common software, OpenSync™ can be integrated into third party hardware for connection to the Plume Cloud. Plume’s cognitive service curation platform enables a rich set of modern consumer services for the home which can run-on third-party hardware platforms and be deployed at massive scale. Visit and

About Melita

At Melita we help people stay connected with the most technologically advanced telecommunication services around, whether it’s gigabit internet, our 4.5G mobile network, which is so forward-looking that it’s 5G ready, or our seamless WiFi mesh network. We take pride in connecting you to everything and everyone through high speed Internet, High-Definition Digital Television, Fixed Telephony and 4.5G Mobile.

We provide smart solutions for business, combining the most powerful internet network in Europe with the most advanced mobile network to enable IoT capabilities. Our purpose-built Data Centre provides high security, cloud services and connectivity whilst our dedicated support teams and our fully redundant international links keep your business running.

We started back in 1992, and today we set the standard for digital technologies in Malta and provide services to more than 75% of Maltese households.

Plume, SuperPod, Adaptive WiFi, and HomePass are trademarks of Plume Design, Inc.


Plume PR Contact:
Rachel Jones, Bite

Melita PR Contact:
Alison Bezzina

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